Our first summer reading program will be on Friday, June 5, at 10 am. Our first quest will be Chris Rumble with a “Reading Pep Rally.” You can read more about Chris at http://www.chrisrumble.com. The schedule for the rest of the month is as follows: June 12, Ventriloquist Crystal Miller and Floppy (www.nolipsmove.com); June 19, Conductor Jack with a musical program called “The Keys to Creativity” (www.jacknorton.net); and June 26, Magician Justin Chandler (www.themagictomotivate.com ).

The month of July will focus on our teens, and the month of August will focus on adults. We are in the process of finalizing the details on these two sets of programs. I would be very interested in having your input on anything you especially would like to be offered during these times. By special request, I have been in touch with a trained professional about offering a “Selling on eBay” class. Since he is trained, there would be a small charge to attend. If you would be willing to pay $25 to attend this class, please let me know as soon as possible. If we can get 15 people to sign up, I can bring him in.

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