The library has lots of things going on for the community. Thursday, October 15, at 1:00 PM, the Library Book Club will have as special guest author Myrlen Britt. He will be talking about and signing copies of his new book “Southern Fried and Delicious.” We are already getting reports that it is a very interesting read. We have copies for sale if you would like to purchase one.
The Library Friends will be meeting on Thursday, October 15, at 5:00 PM, to discuss their fall events. Please join us if you would like to help.
Preschool Story Time will be visiting Donnell Century Farm on October 20. If you would like to travel along with the group, call the library at 968-3239.
The Library will be hosting a “Showcase of Henderson County Artists” from October 21 through October 30. If you live in Henderson County and have paintings, drawings, or special photography that you have created, we would love for you to participate. Please call the library at 968-3239 for more information.
On Thursday, October 22, there will be a special Artists Reception at 5:00 PM, where you can meet the artists and hear them talk about their techniques and inspiration.
Memorials given to the library during September are as follows:
In memory of Powell Franklin Sr.
By Bob and Mary Frances Wadley
In memory of Billy Stanfill
By Mr. & Mrs. Pat Carnal
In memory of Joe Belew
By Mr. and Mrs. Pat Carnal
In memory of Mrs. Donna Mae Frizzell
By Mr. and Mrs. Pat Carnal
In memory of Willie B. Williams
By Mr. & Mrs. Pat Carnal
One gift was given in honor of Mr. & Mrs. E.E. Hays, Jr.
By Mr. & Mrs. Pat Carnal